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Here you can check if an E-mail is verified.
In order to become verified, a person will need to click on "Get Verified" link from the menu and follow the steps. This is the fastest and the best way to get verified by our system . Also this verification will offer you more credibility if you want to buy or sell online. We can not assure that all our users are legit , because any system have it's flaws.. but we are sure that over 99% are legit. It's like an escrow, only cost $ 0.99 and this fee will apply only once for each E-Mail address. Also we will provide a HTML code that can be added to your listings pointing if you are verified or not by


We are proud to finally present you the beta version of is part of Chelios NET group.
Our main goal is to minimize on-line internet Fraud to a 99% risk free.
Our servers store thousands of reported e-mails each month and tries to verify them all. The e-mails found very suspicious and the ones confirmed to be owned by scammers are displayed on the "Reported Scam Emails" tab.
Or you can use the "Check e-mail" tab to see if an e-mail was verified by/with our system. Both located in the left part of this page
at the User Menu. Our database contains a huge number of verified sellers and buyers. The number grows each day making selling
and buying on-line already a better place.

Help us by reporting suspicious e-mails from each buyers and sellers, and get verified yourself today.

In the near future we will provide a seal/logo which can be clicked by your counter-part making him 100% sure that is dealing
with a member which makes the transaction 99% risk free for him.
The seal/logo can be inserted in the description of your ad on any ads site that has the HTML code enabled. The code that needs
to be paste will be sent by us automatically after you got verified.

Also new categories and methods of verification will be enabled.
Check our site weekly to see the new feautures and to get updated with the latest news regarding Fraud fight from

If you found this site helpful and you agree with our purpose please
remember to do a donation so you can help us in our efforts.
Thank you in advance, / TEAM

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