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Report DetalisATTN: Alejandra Ortiz    
Greetings to you, 
   I appreciate your brilliance, time and patience in completing the 1st assignment. Your first survey was very helpful and you have been given an extra bonus for a job well done and for your expenses. Payment has been made to you for a 2nd assignment and the delivery will be made via Fedex Courier Service Today and the tracking number is 798774266009

Question 5 is very Important to this Survey Assignment.
Here is the name of the Secret Shopper in another location which you would be sending the funds to in TWO NEW (2) places: 
RECEIVER'S NAME  : Factor Ramos
City : Manila
Country : Philippines
Zip code : 1099 

RECEIVER'S NAME  : De'Jeanne Ellis
CITY: Chicago
STATE: Illinois
ZIP CODE: 60402
     Just follow instructions the same way you completed the 1st assignment and get back to me with your Evaluation Report today. The Fedex package contains a total payment of $4,675 (5 pieces of $935 M/O). You are to cash the money orders at your bank, deduct $300 for the Secret Shopper Assignment, you will have $4,375 left. Make use of $250 for your transportation & Western Union Charges. You are required to send a total of $2000 at the first location to Factor Ramos at the Philippines and $2125 to De'Jeanne Ellis at the Second Location via Western Union Money Transfer so they can carry out another survey.    
===== HOW TO FILL THE MONEY ORDERS ===== The Money Orders have 2 sections 
The 1st section {writes pay to} this space, you are to fill in your full names and address. 
The 2nd section {writes from} this space, you are to fill in this name and address: 
Richard Chambers
10 Belmont Ave
Madison New Jersey 07940
During this assignment which requires you to have the money orders cashed at your bank. You are required to visit 2 Western Union locations . 
1. From the 1st location: send $2,000 to Factor Ramos and I would like to know the kind of questions asked while sending such an amount. (remember to remain calm and confident so there wont be a suspicion of a survey) 
2. From the 2nd location: send $2,125 to De'Jeanne Ellis and I would like to know what difficulties you would have in sending a large amount. 
3. Is the neighboring environment safe for handling Western Union Money Transfer Service. 
4. What is the name of the 2 Local Western Union Money Transfer Agents where you have the funds wired? 

5. Kindly Compare the type of questions asked while sending money to Philippines and Illinois.
6. General Comment ....  
You are expected to have this done as soon as you get your package and email me back your results with the following information after you have wired the funds. 
1. Name and Address of Sender 
2. Money Transfer Control Number (10 digits) in 2 places 
3. Exact Amount Wired 
I will be waiting to read from you ASAP with the requested transfer details. Your pay would increase after every completed assignment. 
Yours Sincerely 
Richard Chambers

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